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Popping The Question Romantically And Uniquely

The internet is awash these days with over- the- top romantic gestures when asking the big question from your partner. At times, it can seem that every possible variation from flip books to parades have already been tried and tested. And you want to be unique when you pop the question; make it memorable to your beloved. But the majority will tell you that all they want in a proposal is something simple and romantic. So here are some suggestions on how to propose romantically in a way that will also be memorable.

Spice Up the Location

All you have to do is go down on one knee, ring in your hand, tears in your eyes (the tears are not mandatory). Simply spice up the occasion by asking the question at a wholly unexpected location or by changing familiar surroundings to reflect a shared memory. For example, if you are both avid travellers, buy a diy bali hut online and install one in your backyard.

Not only will it scream exotic in your humdrum neighbourhood, the fact that it is a bali thatch huts will tell your partner how much thought and effort you put into it. And they will appreciate you for it.

You Don’t Have to Speak to Ask

Sometimes, the question can be popped without necessarily speaking out loud. A guy recently became famous online for an unorthodox yet simple proposal: he took selfies of his fiancée and himself for a year and snuck in the question, “Will you marry me?” written on a small card somewhere into every single photo. At the end of the year, he took the last photo, added it to a slide show and showed it to her. If this is impossible for you, try going out to a fancy dinner and prearranging with the chef to write the question on a plate in syrup, sauce etc. and placing it in front of her. Or make a mix tape that reflects your journey together and record yourself popping the question at the end.

Go the Old Fashioned Way

Sometimes, the simplest way is the best way. That means no mega surprises, no parades and fanfare, and no theatrics. Go on a normal date, whether it’s a movie, out to dinner and dancing or take a moonlight walk. Remain sober and keep a clear head so that you will be able to accurately judge how the evening progresses. When the time is right, look your partner in the eye, tell them you have a question for them and show them the ring. Cue fireworks and romantic soundtrack in the background. And tears.